Pirates at school

Los piratas en Japón - Maria J Cuesta

Los piratas en Japón – Maria J Cuesta

I came back to my school a few years later. I was there on a “meet the author” workshop.

I studied there for 13 years, and visiting the school again, brought thousands of memories to my mind.

We had a very funny session with 3rd grade. We travelled to Japan, we learnt japanese, we practiced to pick up sushi with sticks and we crafted origami dolls.

Thanks a lot!
I will come back soon!
Los piratas en Japón - Maria J Cuesta

Los piratas en Japón – Maria J Cuesta

Los piratas en Japón - Maria J Cuesta   Los piratas en Japón - Maria J Cuesta


It’s here! It’s real! Los piratas en Japón, is the first book both written and illustrated by me. It is already published in Spanish and it will be published in English next June and this makes me very excited.

A hilarious story of a group of pirates who, looking for the treasure, get lost and arrive to Japan. It is recommended for people from 2 to 99 years old. You can already buy your own signed copy in my shop in this site, and shipping is free during Christmas or in the best Children’s bookshops in Spain (more info below). Thanks a lot!

And if you want to be an “Ambassador pirate”, please drop me a line but take into account… this is only for the brave mateys…

Bookshops were you will find it:

  • Dragón Lector – C/Sagunto 20 – 28010 Madrid
  • Liberespacio – C/ Joaquín María López, 25 – 28015 Madrid
  • La Marmota – Pso. Zorrilla 334, Valladolid

Los Piratas en Japón - MariaJCuesta

Winner in the 6th Short story award

premio literatura mariajcuesta

The news I am writing about today, fills me with joy. Yesterday April 22nd, I had the great honor to be awarded as the winner of the sixth short story contest organized by the library Dragon Lector. The name of my story was “Don Quidai of the Galaxy”.

Although it is not the first competition I win, the last one was long time ago. I am very happy to have won this contest.

My work has been edited, and in addition to the award, I have received a hand signed copy of Don Quixote de la Mancha, with a nice personal dedication by Arturo Pérez, Reverte. Thank you!

And thanks a lot to all of you who are always supporting me. A piece of this award is also yours.

Books and disability

I had been very lucky to share microphone with Mariano Fresnillo at Spanish National Radio (RNE) in the program La Frontera. We talked about books and disability and about the project of books in 3D for blind children in which I collaborate with the University of Colorado (USA). We agreed that disability should be shown in children’s books as natural as it happens in our daily lives.
Thanks a lot to Mariano and MªAngeles for such a great experience. I hope we can do it again soon.

RNE Maria J Cuesta Mariano Fresnillo

RNE Maria J Cuesta Mariano Fresnillo

libro de la selva Shere Kan MariaJCuesta

Jungle Book

Amazing weekend helping the characters of the Jungle Book come to live.

libro de la selva Shere Kan MariaJCuesta


The actors were amazing and it was easy to transform their faces into Shere Kan, Bagheera, Baloo, Mowgli, Kaa and King Louie.

Their enthusiasm, joy and inexhaustible energy after hours and hours of playing with hundreds and hundreds of children, was absolutely contagious.

And for me, it was so much fun.

Sherekan MariaJCuesta Bagheera Baloo Bagheera MariaJCuesta

New York Art Exhibition 2016

Greetings from a Distant Land MariaJCuesta

Greetings from a Distant Land MariaJCuesta

Following the success of the exhibition of 2015 at the Brooklyn art library in New York, I am proud to have been invited to participate again in the exhibition of 2016. This is the work that I sent and that is already listed. The theme of the exhibition is “Greetings from a distant land”.

I was asked to make a series of 15 images. 1 will be exhibited in New York, 10 have already been sent to artists from around the world (I have received 10 pieces made by other artists too), and I kept the other 4 (only 2 left).

As soon as I know the dates of the exhibition, I will let you know in case someone is in the area on those dates. What you think about the postcard?


The adventures of Wink, Dink and Ink

Now available at Amazon.com, Suzanne Russell’s book. Drawings were planned by Suzanne, and created by me. It’s about triplets that are pretty, pretty naughty… Although the style of the illustrations was set in advance, I am proud with the results and I wish Suzanne a lot of luck with this first book.

You can find it at Amazon:



New York Exhibition 2015

Just a Second night MariaJCuesta. Children’s Books. Art. Illustration.

Just a Second

My piece of art “Just to Second” , has been exhibited at Brooklyn Art Library in New York during the month of May (and again in August).

It is the first time that my work is in exhibition in New York and I am very happy to have been selected.

(The exhibition was so well received that was repeated again in August 2015).

Mural Painting at La Paz Hospital MiRobotX

Mural Hosptial La Paz MiRobotX MariaJCuesta

Mural Hospital La Paz

Last April, I was painting a huge mural in one of the walls in the lobby of Children’s Hospital La Paz in Madrid. I had the opportunity to work with the American artist Gary Hirsch whom I learnt a lot from. The goal of this mural is to create awareness about a new project which goal is to diagnose 1000 kids with rare genetic deceases. You can read more about the project here.

It is great to explore how art can help.

During the time we were painting, lots of stories happened around us at the hospital.

Donacion Sangre La Paz

Donacion Sangre La Paz


The girls working for blood donation followed the mural process very close, and they called one of the robots as “Marichu”. In their name, I encourage you to go and donate blood at La Paz. They will take excellent care of you and the hospital needs blood!


Fernando y MariaJCuesta Hospital La Paz

Fernando y MariaJCuesta Hospital La Paz



Fernando is the painter at the hospital (the one with big brushes and rolls). Even though he was a bit overloaded,

He helped us at every moment, providing us materials, clothes, and even food! He is awesome and everybody at the hospital loves him.

The electricians let us one of their most beloved ladders. Thanks a lot! We took care of it with love! 🙂


We had several kids that came to paint. One girl who had surgery the day after and several kids that came for consultation took part in the painting of the big wall. The bodies of some of the robots were painted by them. Thank you for your help!

lapaz1 lapaz5 lapaz4 lapaz3  lapaz8

MiRobotX La Paz Hospital

MiRobotX La Paz Hospital
















We also had some adults that volunteered to paint. Thank you!!

We had assesors, like Asun, an auxiliary that came several times in order to be sure that all the robots were smiling and some of them had 3 eyes.

MiRobotX MariaJCuesta

MiRobotX MariaJCuesta

And we didn’t miss encouragement from doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, techincians, cleaning, patients, parents, etc.
Many kids were surprised that we were painting on A WALL!! One boy was outraged even though his mother explained that we were allowed to do it, he was not for accepting that we were paintin on A WALL!!

It was a great experience to be part of that wall and listen what the wall does every day.

If you wonder which sentences are the ones we listened the most, these were: “Look! They are painting! It is so pretty! It is cool!”

Afterwards, everybody was trying to find out what we were painting. One boy said it was a mushroom and that made us laugh for hours. They also thought about robots, martians, dolls, bugs, etc.

What about the answers to the questions painted in our robots?

“Who helps you to be brave?” – Every single kid answered “Nobody”, or “Me”, “Me by myself”.
Adults answered the same question in many different ways, but none of the answers given by the kids. They said: “my family”, “my husband”, “God”, “the Lord”, “doctors”, “everybody”…
That made us think a lot. Looks like braveness is something you lose when you get old.

Last, but not least, I would like to send my regards and energy to the 2 parents whose children were in the IC in a very difficult situation. They did not notice me painting the wall, but I suffered listening them talking on the phone with family and friends. Even though I was there like part of the wall, I don’t forget them and I hope they are healthy and back home.

To everybody working at La Paz hospital, to every visitor and patient, thanks a lot for such a funny and rich experience. Thanks a lot for the challenge and for all the smiles.
I hope that our smiling robots, spread smiles to those around and that their magic and strength (those robots are magic) gets into the nearby IC.

Orchestra Ladders Sketchbook



SketchbookProject MariaJCuesta

SketchbookProject MariaJCuesta

Orchestra Ladders MariaJCuesta sketchbookproject

Orchestra Ladders MariaJCuesta sketchbookproject

I just sent to the Brooklyn Art Library in Nueva York an original sketchbook. It will also be available online (I will post the link here in May 2015), and it will tour around 50 cities in the USA.

The tour will start on May 8 from New York and can be checked here.

You can see the cover and a peep of the inside in here…