I am a TED Speaker!

I have watched and been inspired by TED talks for a long time. And even though it didn’t look like an easy goal to achieve, I long wanted to be a

TED Speaker.

But giving a speech of something I truly believe in, and love, makes it even better.

Next March 10th, I will talk about Robots, Monsters and dinosaurs in TEDx Saint Louis University Madrid. 4PM, Livestreaming here:


Thanks a lot to everybody for your help and support. 🙂

Hope the talk inspires you. Please share in comments.

First Looks, first books

Last week I was interviewed by Carrie Karnes-Fannin. It was a great chat. We talk about my childhood, the books I used to read as a kid, and my work now.

Maria J Cuesta a few years ago

I loved chatting with Carrie. You can read the interview in her blog here.

Hope you find some inspiration in it.

Thank you Carrie!


It’s here! It’s real! Los piratas en Japón, is the first book both written and illustrated by me. It is already published in Spanish and it will be published in English next June and this makes me very excited.

A hilarious story of a group of pirates who, looking for the treasure, get lost and arrive to Japan. It is recommended for people from 2 to 99 years old. You can already buy your own signed copy in my shop in this site, and shipping is free during Christmas or in the best Children’s bookshops in Spain (more info below). Thanks a lot!

And if you want to be an “Ambassador pirate”, please drop me a line but take into account… this is only for the brave mateys…

Bookshops were you will find it:

  • Dragón Lector – C/Sagunto 20 – 28010 Madrid
  • Liberespacio – C/ Joaquín María López, 25 – 28015 Madrid
  • La Marmota – Pso. Zorrilla 334, Valladolid

Los Piratas en Japón - MariaJCuesta

Robots Maria J Cuesta Botjoy

Did you find a BotJoy? How to activate and use it?

Botjoy MariaJCuesta

What would you like to do that you did not dare to do yet?

#BotJoy are robots programmed to help. The world needs more Bots because for some reason (that frankly I don’t completely understand) they seem to help.

How to use it:

1. Activate your robot taking a picture of it with something you love or a selfie with it, or a pic of the bot in a special place and upload it to any social network with hashtag #botjoy and tag @botjoy and @mariajcuesta

Send me an email with the pic to mjcuesta@Outlook.com  subject ROBOT ACTIVATION.

2. Let your bot know you better by letting him being with you in your room, in your window, in your pocket or wherever you are.

3. Listen carefully when you need him. Your robot will use his special power to give you some courage to face the things you didn’t dare.

4. Take your bot wherever you go to get some Help whenever you need it and wherever you are.


You will be able to follow in my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts where I leave the bots. As I frequently travel around Spain, it could be Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Badajoz, Valladolid, Salamanca, Bilbao… potentially anywhere 🙂

Also if you think you know of somebody that could benefit from a robot in Spain (hospital, kids with special needs associations, etc.) please let me know and let’s find a way to get them some bots.  🙂


To learn more about the international BotJoy army, and his original creator Gary Hirsch visit http://www.botjoy.com/201410/bot-army

www.botjoy.com  #botjoy @botjoy www.mariajcuesta.com @MariaJCuesta