First Looks, first books

Last week I was interviewed by Carrie Karnes-Fannin. It was a great chat. We talk about my childhood, the books I used to read as a kid, and my work now.

Maria J Cuesta a few years ago

I loved chatting with Carrie. You can read the interview in her blog here.

Hope you find some inspiration in it.

Thank you Carrie!

Books and disability

I had been very lucky to share microphone with Mariano Fresnillo at Spanish National Radio (RNE) in the program La Frontera. We talked about books and disability and about the project of books in 3D for blind children in which I collaborate with the University of Colorado (USA). We agreed that disability should be shown in children’s books as natural as it happens in our daily lives.
Thanks a lot to Mariano and MªAngeles for such a great experience. I hope we can do it again soon.

RNE Maria J Cuesta Mariano Fresnillo

RNE Maria J Cuesta Mariano Fresnillo