I am a TEDx Speaker

Last March 10th, I gave my first TEDx talk.
It was an amazing experience and I would love to give another one some day in a near future.
You can watch it in Spanish here (English translation will be available in a few months, sorry for that).
Please post your comments and drawings. I would love to see them.
Thank you!

I am a TED Speaker!

I have watched and been inspired by TED talks for a long time. And even though it didn’t look like an easy goal to achieve, I long wanted to be a

TED Speaker.

But giving a speech of something I truly believe in, and love, makes it even better.

Next March 10th, I will talk about Robots, Monsters and dinosaurs in TEDx Saint Louis University Madrid. 4PM, Livestreaming available.


Thanks a lot to everybody for your help and support. šŸ™‚

Hope the talk inspires you. Please share in comments.