What is for you a challenge that you did not dare to do yet?Botjoy MariaJCuesta

#BotJoy are robots programmed to help. His creator, Gary Hirsh, is an artista and consultant living in Portland, Oregon, and wants other to “steal” his idea so the world can have more robots, that, for a reason that nobody (even himself) fully understands, these robots help. The world needs more Bots because for some reason (that frankly I don’t completely understand) they seem to help. As a friend of mine once said to me, ”These little objects of Joy help people feel better and have conversations with themselves that they need to have”. The robot you found was made by me (Maria J Cuesta) as Gary let me “stole” his idea to Help spread BotJoys in Spain.

How to use it:

1. Activate your robot taking a picture of it with something you love or a selfie with it, or a pic of the bot in a special place and upload it to any social network with hashtag #botjoy and tag @botjoy and @mariajcuesta

Send me an email with the pic to mjcuesta@Outlook.com  subject ROBOT ACTIVATION.

2. Let your bot know you better by letting him being with you in your room, in your window, in your pocket or wherever you are.

3. Listen carefully when you need him. Your robot will use his special power to give you some courage to face the things you didn’t dare.

4. Take your bot wherever you go to get some Help whenever you need it and wherever you are.


You will be able to follow in my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts where I leave the bots. As I frequently travel around Spain, it could be Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Badajoz, Valladolid, Salamanca, Bilbao… potentially anywhere 🙂

Also if you think you know of somebody that could benefit from a robot in Spain (hospital, kids with special needs associations, etc.) please let me know and let’s find a way to get them some bots.  🙂


To learn more about the international BotJoy army, visit http://www.botjoy.com/201410/bot-army

To learn more about this collaboration story, visit <a href=”http://www.mariajcuesta.com/botjoycollaboration”>this</a>.

www.botjoy.com  #botjoy @botjoy www.mariajcuesta.com @MariaJCuesta

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